FG, CS-SUNN To Advocate For Improved Nutrition Policies Practices In Nigeria

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Nutritious foods
Nutritious foods

To address the persistent challenge of malnutrition in Nigeria, the Federal Government, in partnership with the Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition (CS-SUNN), has intensified advocacy for changes in nutrition-related policies and the promotion of positive attitudes and practices.

During the CS-SUNN 10th anniversary event in Abuja, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Muhammad Pate highlighted the significant milestones achieved through the collaboration between the ministry and CSUN over the past decade.

These, Pate said include hosting key strategic meetings by the Scaling Up Nutrition movement for Nigeria, organising annual assessment meetings, and engaging stakeholders to develop nutrition-focused commitments.

He underscored the importance of targeted advocacy efforts, which have resulted in the domestication of multi-sectorial plans of action for food and nutrition at the state level.

Additionally, he said that measures have been taken to enhance operational efficiency within the nutrition sector, addressing both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions.

Despite these achievements, challenges such as delays in fulfilling commitments and inadequate funding for nutrition interventions persist, leading to ongoing malnutrition across all states in Nigeria,” he said.

To address this, he said that plans were underway to engage religious leaders in high-level advocacy dialogues and implement the National Social and Behavioural Change Strategy at the sub-national level.

Looking ahead, he said that the Ministry and CS-SUNN committed to intensifying advocacy efforts, sharing success stories, and engaging decision-makers to prioritise nutrition investment in Nigeria.

Plans, he said also include innovative fundraising strategies, capacity-building for community-level interventions, and establishing a mentorship program for nutrition champions.

Chairman of CS-SUNN’s board of trustees, Dr. Mbang Kooffreh-Ada underscored the need for all stakeholders to prioritise and invest in sustainable nutrition initiatives.

Kooffreh-Ada called on the government, the private sector, civil society organisations, and the media to collaborate in advocating for inclusive and equitable nutrition policies, ensuring access to adequate nutrition for all Nigerians.

Executive secretary of CS-SUNN, Mr. Sunday Okoronkwo highlighted the importance of transitioning from verbal to operational commitments and urged for improved coordination and accountability systems for nutrition.

Okoronkwo reiterated CSUN’s commitment to advancing Nigeria’s nutrition agenda and called for continued collaboration among partners to mobilise resources for improved nutrition outcomes in Nigeria.

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