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Why 5G Services In Nigeria May Remain Elusive For Now

Apathy among operators, stemming from a lack of confidence in the sluggish economy, is seen as a significant barrier preventing licensees for fifth-generation (5G)...

Telecoms Tariff Hike Threats By Operators 

The telecommunications industry is facing significant challenges, burdened by nearly 46 different taxes imposed on mobile network operators (MNOs) and intermittent demands from state...

While We Await 5G Services

In the vast telecommunications landscape, the advent of fifth-generation (5G) technology promised unparalleled connectivity and transformative potential. Yet, as the wait for widespread implementation...

Artificial Intelligence, UN & Global Safety 

In October 2023, President Joe Biden's Executive Order aimed to ensure the safety and accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI) for all humanity, anticipating potential...

Nigeria’s SIM Card Registration: Global Trend With Broader Implications

In Nigeria, there's been considerable debate and discomfort surrounding the process of Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card registration and its integration with National Identity...

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