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Will Satellites Bridge Africa’s Internet Connectivity?

While terrestrial infrastructure and mobile networks seem to dominate the realm of broadband internet connectivity, satellite operators have elevated the standard by extending services...

Why Africa’s Internet Connectivity Remains Poor

With an anticipated 70 per cent broadband penetration in Nigeria by 2025, many African countries may still be grappling with how to bring their...

Hurdles To Digital Economy 

With unbelievably poor infrastructure and critical disengagement of access to the internet and other telecommunications services, building a digital economy may be herculean. Less than...

Before New NCC Chief Settles Down 

Before he settles down for the task ahead, Aminu Maida should take stock of what baggage he is inheriting on the job. He should not...

Ambitious Telecoms Roadmap & A Minister’s Dreams 

Cerebral as Bosun Tijani, Nigeria’s Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy Minister, may be, his 31-page Roadmap for Telecommunications sector looks ambitious and a dream...

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