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UN Enacts Human Rights Safeguards For Carbon Market Mechanism

The UN Body overseeing the establishment of a new global carbon market has taken a historic stride in reinforcing the protection of environmental and...

Immunisation Has Saved Over 145 Million Lives Over 50 Years – Study

Global immunisation endeavours have spared an estimated 154 million lives over the past half-century, a groundbreaking study, set to be published by The Lancet, has...

Earth Day: WePlanet Africa Embarks On Plastic Cleanup, Tree-Planting In Kampala

In honour of Earth Day, WePlanet Africa, a grassroots movement dedicated to combating climate change, spearheaded a successful city cleanup initiative, focusing on collecting...

Maternal Mortality: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Unveils Portable Ultrasound Tech

In a bold move aimed at addressing the alarming rates of maternal mortality in remote African regions, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has...

Smile Train, KidsOR Lead Solar Surgery Initiative To Reduce Carbon Footprints

In commemoration of Earth Day, Smile Train, the world's largest cleft charity and Scottish charity, Kids Operating Room (KidsOR) are embarking on a pioneering...

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