Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Production Of Sweeteners: Tonic For Healthy Population, FDI

For centuries, honey and sugar have been used to sweeten food and beverages. Today, a range of sweeteners has been developed to provide low-calorie...

How Nigeria Can Save N40bn Annually By Producing Sorbitol Locally

Nigeria, despite being a major cassava producer, spends a significant amount of money each year importing sorbitol. In 2019 alone, over $6.7 million worth of...

Rice Husks Sodium Silicate: Tonic For Wealth Creation

Sodium silicate made from rice husks is a natural resource that can generate wealth from waste, promote sustainable use of raw materials and lead...

Improving Nigerians’ Health, IGR Through ‘Sugar’ Tax 

Nigerians are facing a significant health threat due to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. One solution may be to implement a sugar tax on...

Role Of Competitiveness In Industrial Sector’s Participation In Global Value Chain

Recent publications by the United Nations and a scoping study by the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC), in collaboration with Joks Nigeria...

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