Friday, January 27, 2023


Developing Nigeria’s Healthcare Delivery With Herbal Medicines For Improved FDI

Herbal medicines have been used to cure ailments from the beginning of human civilisation. Man has used a large number of higher plants as drugs...

Solid Minerals As Tonic For Nigeria’s Economic Diversification

Nigeria is endowed with over 34 commercially viable solid minerals across her landscape. From 1903, the country has been involved in the exploration and...

Locally Developed LMOs As Tool For Sustainable Development At COP15 

Introduction  The 15th United Nations Biodiversity Conference of Parties (CBD COP15) witnessed the gathering of 196 countries and parties that are signatories to the Convention...

Harvest Rebounds As Farmers Count Blessings Of Improved Cowpea

“We have already done our first harvest which was very good because the yield was very high. We counted just now and we found...

Exploiting Economic Potentials Of Avocado For Nat Devt 

The instability in the price of crude has led many developing, oil-producing countries to initiate policies to promote the flow of foreign exchange from...

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