Wednesday, November 29, 2023


How Biotechnology Will Transform Nigeria’s Abundant Food Supply Initiative

Nigeria's food production system is progressively expanding and analysts predict that widespread biotechnology adoption would hasten the nation's push toward food security. Stakeholders emphasise that...

Nigeria To Save Billions In Forex From Devt Of Natural Dyes 

Renewed interest in eco-friendly products has sparked a growing consciousness among consumers towards the use of natural dyes in textiles, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical...

Production Of Sweeteners: Tonic For Healthy Population, FDI

For centuries, honey and sugar have been used to sweeten food and beverages. Today, a range of sweeteners has been developed to provide low-calorie...

How Nigeria Can Save N40bn Annually By Producing Sorbitol Locally

Nigeria, despite being a major cassava producer, spends a significant amount of money each year importing sorbitol. In 2019 alone, over $6.7 million worth of...

Rice Husks Sodium Silicate: Tonic For Wealth Creation

Sodium silicate made from rice husks is a natural resource that can generate wealth from waste, promote sustainable use of raw materials and lead...

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