Factual Information On TELA Maize

TELA maize does not rely on ‘Terminator’ technology. Instead, it uses genetic modification to introduce traits such as drought tolerance and insect resistance. It's important...

Setting Record Straight On TELA Maize: A Scientist’s Perspective

I recently watched a YouTube video titled "Nigeria Government Launches Bill Gates-Funded Artificial Maize" and read many negative posts about GMOs on social media....

NCC: Digital Enabler of ‘Renewed Hope’ Agenda

In Nigeria, burgeoning young, tech-savvy population is actively exploring the benefits of digital technologies. This exploration is driven by rapidly expanding internet access and...

Message For Children’s Day 2024

Children's Day is a special occasion dedicated to appreciating the endless potentials and happiness that each child brings into our lives. Just like stars,...

Dr. George Nwokocha: Pioneering Advances In Agricultural Food Security

In the realm of agricultural sciences, Dr. George Nwokocha stands out as a beacon of innovation and dedication. With a doctorate degree in biochemistry...

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