Tech Evangelist As Digital Economy Minister

Co-founder of Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) and Nigeria's Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy Minister, Bosun Tijani has been hailed as a technology evangelist. Given his extensive...

ITU And Race To Fund SDGs By 2030

The International Telecommunications Union’s (ITU) plenipotentiary conference (PP), scheduled for Doha, Qatar, in 2026, marks significant milestones for the global digital telecommunications body. This conference...

Like CDMA To GSM, ISPs May Bow To Starlink

Apart from telecommunications companies (telcos) who provide ubiquitous internet services today, only a few conventional internet service providers (ISPs) offer pockets of service. The...

Internal Hemorrhage Threatens Telecom Services

Telecommunication service companies are currently facing a myriad of challenges that are significantly impacting their ability to provide quality services. These challenges include increased...

Why 5G Services In Nigeria May Remain Elusive For Now

Apathy among operators, stemming from a lack of confidence in the sluggish economy, is seen as a significant barrier preventing licensees for fifth-generation (5G)...

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