Sunday, September 24, 2023


Bridging Rural Devt Gap With Technology

The 21st century has ushered in a radical revolution across all aspects of life, driven by digital technology. The unprecedented changes in how we...

Broadband Connectivity Vs NCC Advocacy

In 2020, the announcement of a new broadband plan (2020-2025) brought hope to those of us well-acquainted with the potential of broadband. We anticipated...

Stemming Gulf Between Theoretical Knowledge, Technical Skills

There appears to be a substantial divide between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. While theoretical knowledge is essential for explaining various concepts, the practical...

Lingering Controversy Over Telcos, Deposit Money Banks & Unresolved USSD Debts

Despite the financial inclusion hype that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) claims to be at 70 per cent, the controversy regarding the over N120...

Advocating For Inclusive Transport System For PLWDs

There is an undeniable ability within every individual, regardless of their physical condition. Those who live with various impairments do not choose their state,...

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