AHBN Establishes Emergency Hazards Fund For Health Journalists

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The coordinator, Africa Health Budget Network, Dr. Aminu Magashi (fourth from right) flanked by members of the association after the roundtable discussion in Abuja.

The Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) has announced the launch of an Emergency and Hazards Fund dedicated to supporting the Association of Nigeria Health Journalists (ANHeJ).

Coordinator of AHBN, Dr. Aminu Magashi unveiled this initiative during a roundtable discussion with ANHeJ’s executive council in Abuja on Thursday.

Magashi outlined the fund’s purpose as providing financial aid to journalists facing personal emergencies or hazards while reporting on health-related issues. He stressed the importance of supporting journalists who play a critical role in disseminating accurate information during health emergencies.

Expressing AHBN’s commitment to the well-being of health journalists, Magashi highlighted the fund’s role in ensuring journalists can continue their essential work without undue hardship.

President of ANHeJ, Mr. Joseph Kadiri expressed appreciation to AHBN for its commitment to supporting the association. He underscored the fund’s significance in alleviating financial burdens for health journalists, enabling them to fulfill their vital role in society.

Chairman of the National Advocates for Health (NA4H), Hon. Mohammed Usman commended AHBN for its foresight and generosity in establishing the fund. Usman emphasised the importance of collaboration between organisations dedicated to promoting journalists’ welfare and advancing health journalism in Nigeria.

Vice-president of ANHeJ, Ms. Racheal Abujah highlighted the challenges faced by health journalists in covering Nigeria’s healthcare system. Abujah emphasised the need for comprehensive safety measures, including insurance and training, to support journalists in their work. She called on health organisations and agencies to view journalists as partners in progress and emulate AHBN’s initiative in supporting health journalists.

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