FCC Adjourns Meeting With Federal Tertiary Institutions Over Absence Of Principal Officers

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The Federal Character Commission (FCC) has postponed the scheduled interactive meeting with the supervisory bodies of federal tertiary institutions, citing the absence of some chief executives from the gathering.

The commission’s boss, Dr. Muheeba Dankaka, represented by the Commissioner for Kwara State, Hon. James Kolo revealed that the purpose of the meeting was to enlighten and educate these executives on adhering to FCC principles, as mandated by the constitution.

The invitation was extended exclusively to the chief executives responsible for implementing and understanding FCC principles. However, some executives delegated their attendance to agency directors, contravening FCC regulations. According to Kolo, this refusal to comply constitutes a legal offence in Nigeria.

Kolo emphasised that the FCC interacts only with the chief executives, as they are the ones accountable for implementing FCC mandates within their organisations. He stressed the importance of adherence to FCC principles for national cohesion and development, urging executives to prioritise national interests over personal desires.

Expressing disappointment at the absence of CEOs, Kolo warned that the meeting could not proceed without their presence and demanded written explanations for their non-attendance. He highlighted instances of recruitment practices by CEOs that did not align with FCC responsibilities.

Despite the setback, Kolo assured participants that the FCC would reschedule the interactive meeting promptly to ensure CEO participation. He reiterated the importance of FCC compliance for the effective functioning of federal institutions and pledged to continue efforts to uphold FCC principles across all sectors.

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