ECN, UNEP, LEADERSHIP Newspaper Join To Promote Energy-Efficient ACs

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L-R: The project director, Nigeria Sustainable Cooling Project, Samaila Gambo Zaku presenting the project’s media kit to the head of story, LEADERSHIP Newspaper, Bayo Amodu when the team paid a courtesy call on the media house at its headquarters in Utako, Abuja.

The Nigeria Sustainable Cooling Project (NSCP) has embarked on a collaborative venture with LEADERSHIP Newspaper to advocate for the widespread adoption of energy-efficient air conditioners across Nigeria.

During a courtesy visit to LEADERSHIP’s headquarters in Abuja, the project director from the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Samaila Gambo Zaku emphasised the critical role of the media in disseminating vital information to the public.

Zaku elaborated on the NSCP project, “Scaling Up Energy-Efficient and Climate-Friendly Cooling in Nigeria’s NDC Revision,” which aims to accelerate the transition to energy-efficient air conditioners with climate-friendly refrigerants in various buildings. With funding from the Clean Cooling Collaborative (CCC) and technical assistance from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this initiative seeks to mitigate the effects of climate change through sustainable cooling technologies.

Head of story, LEADERSHIP Newspaper, Bayo Amodu (third from left); Project coordinator, Nigeria Sustainable Cooling Project, Etiosa Uyigue and project director, NSCP, Samaila Gambo Zaku flanked by a cross section of the media house’s staff and project team at the LEADERSHIP Newspaper headquarters in Utako, Abuja.

The project coordinator for NSCP, Etiosa Uyigue underscored the importance of cultivating an energy-efficient culture among Nigerians. By conserving energy through efficient appliances, individuals can contribute to alleviating Nigeria’s power challenges, ensuring broader access to electricity and reducing the need for additional power infrastructure.

Uyigue emphasised that energy efficiency is paramount in achieving Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) targets. With a focus on air conditioners, the project aims to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient models to save power and reduce emissions.

The collaboration with LEADERSHIP Newspaper highlights the media’s pivotal role in raising awareness about energy conservation practices. Head of story at LEADERSHIP Newspaper, Bayo Amodu affirmed the media house’s commitment to disseminating accurate information and collaborating on initiatives that benefit society.

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