Zimbuild Actively Pursues Partnership With Malaysian Construction Tech Companies

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L-R: The president, Aircon Association of Malaysia, Peter Tan and managing director, Zimbuild, Dr. Tinashe Manzungu.

Zimbabwe’s prominent construction and infrastructure firm, Zimbuild said it is actively seeking collaboration with Malaysian construction companies to integrate advanced construction technologies in that country.

The revelation emerged during the BuildXpo Malaysia 2023, an international construction transformation conference (ICTC) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Addressing the media on the sidelines of the construction conference themed ‘Leading ESG in Construction,’ Zimbuild’s managing director, Dr. Tinashe Manzungu shared insights into the company’s strategic interests and discussions at the event. He highlighted the keen interest shown by several Malaysian companies in investing in Zimbuild.

“The conference has provided us with a significant opportunity to connect with global construction giants. We are particularly interested in key segments of the exhibition, such as construction technology and IBS, construction materials, equipment, machinery, systems and services, and start-ups in the construction industry. We have engaged with interested parties from Malaysia who are eager to invest in advanced technologies for construction and infrastructure, aiming to modernise structures and systems,” stated Manzungu.

Manzungu further disclosed that there are potential investors exploring long-term investments in Southern Africa through Zimbabwe to address funding gaps in construction and infrastructure projects.

“As Zimbuild, we have been organizing local conferences on construction, and it has been a learning curve. We are now looking to modernise our construction framework. We are here to learn from Malaysian construction expertise. We’ve observed the modernisation trends in Construction 5.0 happening in Malaysia and how other countries globally have been transitioning in the same direction,” he added.

Highlighting the significance of infrastructure funding, Manzungu pointed out the active role of the Export-Import Bank of Malaysia in developing key strategic points worldwide, including Africa. He expressed optimism about further engagement, noting Malaysia’s interest in fully deploying their technological construction expertise in Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

The BuildXpo 2023, hosted by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia and managed by Qube Integrated Sdn Bhd (QUBE), aims to be Asia’s premier business platform for the construction and building industry, with an anticipated RM1 billion worth of business transactions. The conference aims to expose the global audience to sustainable financial initiatives, affordable housing finance, green building projects, and modern construction methods.

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