UN Enacts Human Rights Safeguards For Carbon Market Mechanism

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The UN Body overseeing the establishment of a new global carbon market has taken a historic stride in reinforcing the protection of environmental and social human rights.

Chair of the supervisory body, Maria AlJishi hailed the momentous development, stating, “This marks a defining moment. With the introduction of the Appeals and Grievances Procedure, we are creating new avenues to empower vulnerable communities and individuals, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are respected.”

Under the new safeguards, individuals affected by activities under the mechanism can now appeal decisions or file grievances. This represents a crucial advancement toward establishing an international carbon market that upholds high standards of integrity for carbon credits.

Vice Chair Martin Hession expressed a sense of relief, noting, “After years of deliberation on appeals, we have finally established a robust system. This holds us accountable for our decisions and ensures that approved activities are accountable for their impacts.”

The immediate implementation of the appeals and grievances procedure marks a significant milestone in the operationalisation of the Paris Agreement Crediting Mechanism.

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