National Council On Health Initiates Health Promotion Day In Nigeria

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The 64th National Council on Health (NCH) in Nigeria has taken a significant step toward enhancing the nation’s healthcare system by unanimously approving the establishment of a day dedicated to health promotion.

Facilitating the resolution at the council in Ado-Ekiti on Thursday, the Minister of Health and Social Development, Prof. Muhammad Ali Pate highlighted that this decision aims to prioritise and improve the overall well-being of Nigerians by raising awareness about various health issues and promoting preventive measures.

The NCH, an apex policymaking body in the Nigerian health sector, annually brings together leaders such as permanent secretaries, honourable commissioners of health, heads of parastatals and directors to discuss health-related issues. This year’s theme, “Building a Resilient and Inclusive Healthcare System for a Healthy Nigeria,” aligns with the ‘Renewed Hope’ agenda, emphasising the significance of a robust healthcare system.

Pate emphasised that the country is taking a proactive step toward improving the health and quality of life of its citizens with this new initiative. “The commemoration of Health Promotion in Nigeria aims to raise awareness, educate, and engage the population in taking proactive measures to improve their overall well-being,” he stated.

The minister proposed school-based initiatives in collaboration with educational institutions to integrate health promotion into the curriculum, promoting healthy habits among students and fostering a culture of wellness.

“This will bring about the establishment of partnerships with healthcare providers, NGOs, community-based organisations and corporate entities to maximise the impact of health promotion initiatives through joint efforts and resource sharing. Guidance, support and resources will be provided by the Federal Ministry of Health to ensure the successful implementation of health promotion programmes,” he added.

Pate highlighted that Health Promotion Day aims to inspire behaviour change by encouraging individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles. “By highlighting the benefits of healthy eating, regular physical activity, mental well-being, and disease prevention, it motivates people to make positive changes in their lives,” he concluded.

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