NDPC, Ondo State Empower Youths, Boost Data Protection

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NDPC Ondo State
L-R: The Ondo State deputy governor, Olayide Adelami receiving Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023 from the national commissioner, Nigeria Data Protection Commission, Dr. Vincent Olatunji when the governor paid a courtesy visit on the NDPC boss at the commission’s headquarters in Abuja.

The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has announced its partnership with the Ondo State government to promote data protection awareness and create employment opportunities for youths in the state.

The national commissioner of NDPC, Dr. Vincent Olatunji revealed this during a meeting with the Ondo State deputy governor, Olayide Adelami at the commission’s headquarters in Abuja. Adelami expressed the state government’s commitment to youth development and highlighted ICT as a key area for upskilling youths to enhance their competitiveness in the global job market.

The purpose of the visit was to explore potential collaboration between NDPC and the state government to train thousands of young graduates in the state as data protection officers. Olatunji praised the initiative, emphasising the need to address the shortage of data protection officers in Nigeria, with only 10,000 out of 500,000 available positions currently filled.

He underscored the importance of data protection in preventing unauthorised access and potential breaches, which could lead to reputational damage, financial loss and other serious implications. Olatunji commended the Ondo State government’s commitment to addressing this issue and enhancing trust and confidence in governance.

The proposed collaboration aims to equip youths in Ondo State with the necessary skills and certification as data protection officers, opening up employment opportunities and enabling them to compete globally in the field of data protection.

Head of the bureau’s media unit, Itunu Dosekun highlighted the significance of this partnership in harnessing data protection for youth development and governance enhancement. The collaborative effort between NDPC and the Ondo State government is poised to contribute to the progress and prosperity of Ondo State and Nigeria as a whole.

The collaboration between NDPC and the Ondo state government represents a pivotal step towards empowering youths, promoting data protection awareness and driving socio-economic development in the state. Through strategic partnerships and targeted initiatives, stakeholders aim to build a skilled workforce, foster innovation, and create a conducive environment for sustainable growth and prosperity.

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