Advocates Urge FG Support For Brain Tumour, Injury Survivors

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Brain Patients
A cross section of stakeholders during the meeting in Abuja.

Survivors of brain tumours and injuries have called on the Federal Government to establish a trust fund to aid individuals battling these conditions and to spearhead advocacy and awareness efforts, especially at the grassroots level, regarding early detection and treatment.

This appeal was made during a media discussion organised by the Brain & Spine Foundation Africa in Abuja, as part of the Brain Awareness Week 2024. Brain Awareness Week is a global initiative aimed at fostering public support for brain science and raising awareness about neurological conditions.

A brain tumour survivor, Mrs. Joy Kemakolam emphasised the need for increased awareness, particularly in rural areas where brain disorders are often mistaken for common illnesses like malaria. She recounted her own journey, highlighting the financial challenges she faced in accessing treatment and advocating for government intervention to support individuals with similar conditions.

Another survivor, Ms. Judith Akin-Moses shared her experience with a brain tumour, underscoring the importance of educating teachers and parents about the signs and symptoms of neurological disorders. She emphasised the need for continued support and resources to aid survivors in their recovery journey.

The mother of a brain injury survivor, Mrs. Patricia Okoro highlighted the financial strain her family has endured since her son’s accident and appealed for assistance from the government and corporate bodies to support individuals coping with brain-related conditions.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Benneth Ilechukwu stressed the role of rehabilitation in aiding recovery and optimising functional abilities following a brain injury. He outlined various therapies aimed at addressing physical, cognitive, and emotional impairments resulting from brain injuries, emphasising the importance of a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

Founder and CEO of Brain and Spine Foundation Africa, Engr. Chika Okwuolisa emphasised the ongoing efforts in brain health advocacy in Nigeria. She highlighted the importance of raising awareness, reducing stigma, advocating for resources, supporting research, empowering communities and fostering partnerships to promote the well-being of individuals affected by brain conditions.

The call for government support for brain tumour and injury survivors underscores the importance of addressing the challenges faced by individuals living with neurological disorders. Through collaborative efforts and advocacy initiatives, stakeholders aim to improve outcomes and quality of life for survivors while raising awareness and promoting early detection and treatment options.

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