Why Vehicles Have Short Life Span In Nigeria – Female Auto-mechanic

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The managing director, LadyBenz Auto-Mechanic Ltd., Joy Obi, has attributed the short life span of vehicles in Nigeria to poor maintenance culture.

Obi spoke with journalists on the sideline of a seminar organised by the Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering (NATE) in Lagos.

The theme of the seminar was, “Vehicle Maintenance (Routine and Major Maintenance)’’.

She that it was important for vehicles to be properly maintained to enhance their aesthetics and guarantee optimal performance.

She said that lack of vehicle maintenance was one of the major causes of accidents on Nigerian roads.

Obi further said that, unfortunately, many vehicle owners and commercial drivers use engines without adhering to manufacturers’ maintenance instructions, adding that an average Nigerian does not pay attention to such details.

According to the auto-mechanic, most vehicle manufacturers specify the type of oil suitable for most engines, but to manage cost most people go for cheap oil, which can damage the engine.

“Regularly performing oil change as part of your vehicle maintenance routine helps keep the engine properly lubricated, reduces frictions and wears.

“Routine maintenance ensures that your vehicle operates at its optimal level, minimising breakdowns and maximising reliability.

“It helps prevent issues that could lead to unexpected and costly repairs, keeping you on the road with confidence.

“It’s also essential to maintain components such as brakes, tyres, and suspension systems for road safety,” Obi said.

She added that by addressing minor issues early and adhering to recommended service intervals, one could extend the life of the vehicle.

The auto mechanic stressed the need for vehicle owners to pay attention to the check engine light, also known as the malfunction indicator light (MIL), noting that it was one of the most common diagnosis lights found in vehicles.

According to her, it illuminates when the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system detects an issue with the engine or emission control system.

Obi added that it was also necessary to pay attention to small details such as the front and rear glasses, brake light, the colour of the smoke from the exhaust pipe and the plugs.

She said that all these work harmoniously to ensure the efficiency of any vehicle.

The auto-mechanic also urged vehicle owners and commercial drivers to do regular car tyre pressure checks.

She noted that this would make the vehicle balanced, as well as make the tyres to wear off evenly.

Obi stressed that incorrect tyre pressure could lead to break failure, unstable movement of vehicles, as well as other problems that could lead to accidents.

She said that most motorists are equally ignorant when it came to changing brake pads, adding that some waited till the brake was worn out before changing it.

Obi urged vehicle owners and commercial drivers to imbibe the culture of regular vehicle maintenance to avoid break downs on highways.

She also noted that considering the high rate of inflation in the country it was necessary to pay attention to vehicle maintenance to avoid spending so much money to repair it.

Earlier, chairman of NATE, Mr. Kayode Ibidapo, said that poorly maintained vehicles were likely to consume more fuel.

Ibidapo said that it was advisable for car owners to maintain their vehicles routinely to avoid spending so much money on buying fuel.

He said that this was proactive thinking for vehicle owners, considering the current price of fuel. (NAN)

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