Tribute To Isaac Oluyi @ 46: Science Communication Guru

Isaac Oluyi
Isaac Oluyi

Nothing shuts the mouth of naysayers and makes believers of sceptics like success. Nothing revives hope in you, making light of your light affliction like seeing one against whom it seems odds are stacked against scale hurdles. You receive fresh wind underneath your wings and soar.

Nothing puts checks scare-mongering like seeing someone take the bull by the horns and arresting the purpose of his life. You stand and watch; you see this person roll with every fall, dust himself off and go again. With renewed zeal. You’re stunned. You’re challenged. You’re inspired.

Nothing reveals a can-do mindset like seeing someone go off – at times with only half a plan – chasing a dream that looks like a mirage but then manifests. You take notice, loom inwards and dream your dream.

Nothing makes true that question ‘what is that you have in your hand?’ than seeing someone take their rags and make a coat of many colours.

Nothing stirs hope like seeing Oluyi Isaac getting ahead in life. You’re proud to be his friend and brother, inspired to mount up with wings as an eagle and soar. You know you will arrive at a place called ‘there’.

Happy birthday, Isaac. I’m honoured to call you a friend. May this be a year of boundless dreaming and achievements for you.

Femi Longe, a scholar, wrote in from Abuja.

Femi Longe
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