STEM METS, A.G. Leventis Partner To Promote STEM Education

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A cross section of teachers, students and organisers during the workshop in Lagos.

As part of its commitment to inspire young people, STEM METS Resources has partnered with A.G. Leventis to impact the next generation through a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Robotics workshop for schools in Apapa local government area of Lagos.

The partnership is a long-term commitment to educate, empower and elevate young minds while also ensuring accountability through measurable outputs.

STEM METS Resources Limited, a social enterprise dedicated to enriching young minds, is an indigenous company providing world-class services skilfully designed to equip Nigerian children and youth with the necessary skills to compete and succeed on the global stage.

In the modern global economy, STEM is closely linked with a country’s economic prosperity. Developed countries that have become global leaders have relied heavily on the hard work and innovations of scientists and engineers. To ensure consistent economic prosperity, developing countries such as Nigeria must focus on STEM education.

“Now more than ever, there is a need for Nigeria and Africa to expand the capacity and diversity of the STEM workforce pipeline to equip the younger generation with the requisite skills for future jobs.

“Also, with the pandemic outbreak in 2020, a lot has changed in the workforce. The resolve to work and learn remotely introduced global cross-functional teams. This has reinforced the need to educate the next generation to help them compete on a levelled playing field against their international contemporaries in the global job market.

“Technology is an integral part of a nation’s accelerated growth and stabilized economy which then makes STEM education a top priority in the educational system. Exposing these young minds to it at an early age is a guaranteed way to build a generation of innovators and thinkers who will sustain and strengthen the evolving position of Nigeria and Africa at large,” said CEO, STEM METS, Jadesola Adedeji.  

“The future is digital and we believe that strategic partnerships such as this will provide a conducive learning environment around STEM and ensure a ready pipeline of skills for young minds. Through various training sessions and workshops, we remain committed to supporting the educational journey of children in our host community and preparing young champs for the future of work in the global space,” said group MD, A. G Leventis, Ms. Seun Oni.

STEM METS Resources is a long-term partner in improving Nigeria’s STEM education system through the provision of innovative and alternative educational learning platforms and continues to equip children and youths with the required skill set to compete in the future global workforce. Over the years, more than 10,000 young minds have benefitted from the various workshops, holiday camps and weekly enrichment camps.

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