S’Leonean Minister Commends Nigeria’s Advancements In Space Tech

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NASRDA Sierra Lone
L-R: The director-general, National Space Research and Development Agency, Dr. Halilu Shaba and the Deputy Minister, Technical and Higher Education of Sierra Leone, Hon. Sarjoh Aziz-Hamara when the minister paid a courtesy visit to the agency’s headquarters in Abuja.

The deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education of Sierra Leone, Hon. Sarjoh Aziz-Hamara, has applauded Nigeria’s significant strides in space science and technology development during a visit to the headquarters of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) in Abuja.

Aziz-Hamara, accompanied by the director-general of NASRDA, Dr. Halilu Shaba toured various facilities at the agency, emphasising the pivotal role of space science and technology in advancing science, technology and innovation across nations.

Expressing admiration for Nigeria’s achievements in the space sector, Aziz-Hamara highlighted the importance of collaboration between Sierra Leone and Nigeria in space programmes and policies, recognising its critical contribution to social, political and economic development.

He extended congratulations to NASRDA’s director-general and staff for their outstanding accomplishments, acknowledging their efforts as a source of pride for Africa.

Additionally, Aziz-Hamara commended Nigeria Science, Technology, and Innovation Television (NSTItv) as a commendable initiative, underscoring its significance in promoting technology and innovation in Africa.

Shaba expressed gratitude for the visit, emphasising NASRDA’s commitment to advancing its space roadmap for the benefit of Nigerians. He reaffirmed Nigeria’s readiness to collaborate with Sierra Leone and other African nations in space science and technology development.

During the tour, the deputy minister visited the ground station for NigeriaSat 2 and NigeriaSat X, as well as the Grid 3 project and advanced laboratories within NASRDA’s strategic space applications department, showcasing Nigeria’s investment in cutting-edge space infrastructure.

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