NiMet DG, Others Inaugurated As Members Of National Executive Safety Council

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The director-general, Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Prof. Charles Anosike.
The director-general, Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Prof. Charles Anosike.

The director-general of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), Prof. Charles Anosike and aviation sector stakeholders have been inaugurated as members of the National Executive Safety Council (NESC), by the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo SAN.

During the inauguration, which complied with ICAO annex 19, the minister informed the members of their terms of reference. According to the minister, the National Executive Safety Council (NESC) shall meet once every quarter or as emergencies require and its activities shall ensure the SSP remains relevant and appropriate to Nigeria.

The Terms of Reference of the NESC are; Endorse the priorities and ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to drive the desired improvements in safety performance, based on risk assessment and give strategic direction to the Safety Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC). Ensure the development, periodic review and decision and policy making about SP activities, such as safety policy, safety indicators, enforcement policy, safety data protection and sharing, SMS regulatory requirements and internal SSP review and findings, are carried out in an integrated and coordinated manner.

Monitor safety performance against Nigeria’s safety policies and objectives. Assess and accept the picture of the aggregate risk within the aviation industry. Identify new and emerging strategic safety risks. Direct and monitor the effectiveness of the SIAC. Ensure the effectiveness of the safety oversight of regulated organisations and personnel. Review and sign off major policies, rules and interpretation changes. Handle escalated issues identified by the SIAC. Approve Terms of Reference as recommended by the SIAC for projects, new entities and other safety activities as determined by the SIAC. Ensure the effectiveness of the organisation’s safety management processes.

The NESC comprises key aviation sector stakeholders, including the director of air safety administration, NSIB director-general and heads of FAAN, NAMA, NiMET, NCAT, NCAA, representative of Nigeria Air Force (NAF), as well as technical advisers. The SSP coordinator will serve as the National Executive Safety Committee’s secretary.

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