Nigeria’s Healthcare Sector In Need Of Immediate Reforms – Expert

The project director, EpiC Nigeria, Dr. Hadiza Khamofu.
The project director, EpiC Nigeria, Dr. Hadiza Khamofu.

The project director of EpiC Nigeria, Dr. Hadiza Khamofu has stressed the critical necessity of urgent reforms in addressing significant gaps in Nigeria’s healthcare infrastructure.

Khamofu, who was speaking in a recent interview on the sidelines of a technical session at the 64th National Council on Health (NCH) in Ekiti State, emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach to reviving the nation’s ailing health sector.

Khamofu highlighted the importance of improving facility distribution, investing in infrastructure and ensuring access to basic amenities. She pointed out that only 22 per cent of primary health facilities meet recommended catchment population coverage, unveiling a detailed evaluation of the three-tiered healthcare system.

During her assessment, Khamofu revealed that nearly half of these crucial establishments suffer from structural deficiencies such as cracked walls and leaking roofs, necessitating targeted reforms. Key challenges outlined included poor facility conditions, inadequate water supply and a scarcity of emergency transportation systems, all of which she attributed to poor leadership, corruption and mismanagement.

Addressing the critical juncture in Nigeria’s healthcare history, she called for advocacy to promote healthcare access, good governance and the realisation of universal health coverage (UHC), emphasising the need for collective responsibilities.

“The assessment underscores the urgent need for strategic interventions to fortify Nigeria’s healthcare foundation and ensure equal access for all citizens,” she declared.

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