National Rescue Congress Advocates For National Rebirth

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Dr. Nelson Mandela.
Dr. Nelson Mandela.

The National Rescue Congress (NRC) has issued a clarion call for collective action to address the myriad problems facing Nigeria. The urgency of this call was emphasised at the 10th remembrance anniversary of Dr. Nelson Mandela, organised by the NRC in Abuja, under the theme “Mandela’s Legacy: A Catalyst to Inspire National Rebirth”.

The conference aimed to ignite a spirit of selfless service and democratic commitment, especially among Nigerian youth, drawing lessons from Mandela’s life and other African revolutionaries.

Speaking at the press conference, Sen. Sani Sehu, a human rights activist, lamented the abuse of democracy in Nigeria and called for a re-evaluation of the democratic system in the nation. He pointed out that the challenges facing the country span security, economic, political and health issues, underscoring the need for a refined system to address these multifaceted challenges.

“As a nation, we are grappling with several problems; security, economic, political, health, and all sorts of issues. It is in this regard that Nigerians are demanding a refined system to address the challenges of the country,” Sehu stated.

He condemned the operations of bandits across the nation and urged unity, regardless of diversity, to secure justice, equity and fair play. Sen. Sehu emphasised the duty of the current generation of leaders to find solutions to the nation’s problems, building upon the struggles of Nigeria’s founding fathers.

“We are at a point in this country where the elements of the last government rate the economy of the country. The solution is to address key fundamental issues that challenge our democracy and rule of law. Reset and reconfigure the country for equal opportunities for all citizens,” he declared.

Reflecting on the 10th remembrance anniversary of Nelson Mandela, Sen. Sehu expressed appreciation for Mandela’s life and legacy, citing his courage, tenacity, principle, conviction, foresight, and leadership. He highlighted the need for Nigerians to contribute their opinions and views on the way forward for the country through platforms like the National Rescue Congress.

“This is a country that has almost 220 million people, within just 62 years of political independence, our aspirations since then have not been met by the political class. Government after government, the nation keeps stumbling from one political crisis to another,” he added.

Giving a keynote address on the Mandela Legacy, the NRC diaspora coordinator, Rev. Emmanuel Ihim urged Nigerians to combat apathy and inspire collective action for national revival. He advocated for peace, reconciliation, and unity, emphasising that the journey towards national rebirth is a commitment to the principles Mandela fought for — justice, equality and non-violent resistance.

“Let us be reminded of a legacy that transcends time and geography. As we conclude this momentous period of reflection and commemoration, it’s essential to recognise that our journey towards national rebirth is not just a series of events or remembrances but leveraging Mandela’s enduring legacy,” Ihim stated.

In a world often marred by conflict and injustice, Mandela’s legacy serves as a beacon of hope, guiding towards a future where dialogue, empathy, and understanding prevail over violence and oppression. The transformative power of nonviolent resistance and the pursuit of democratic ideals, exemplified by Mandela, provides inspiration and a blueprint for Nigeria’s socio-political transformation.

Mandela’s significant achievement in dismantling apartheid in South Africa is highlighted as a beacon for nations seeking to navigate the complex waters of socio-political transformation. As Nigeria strives for rebirth, Mandela’s vision becomes a guiding force, envisioning a nation where every individual is valued and every voice is heard.

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