Minister Takes Proactive Steps To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Transportation

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L-R: The Director-general, National Council on Climate Change, Dr. Salisu Dahiru, Minister of Environment, Balarabe Lawal and the Director, Department of Climate Change, Dr. Iniobong Abiola-Awe during the conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

In a significant move to address environmental concerns, the Minister of Environment, Balarabe Lawal has identified emissions from the transportation sector, specifically from roads, rails and inland waterways, as a major threat to the environment and public health.

Speaking at the 4786th Inland Transport Committee Conference on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector, organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Switzerland, Balarabe stressed the urgent need for collective responsibility to combat emissions. He highlighted the importance of decisive actions to transition towards a sustainable and resilient transport system, emphasising the potential impact on both the environment and public well-being.

Reiterating Nigeria’s commitment to ensuring a healthy environment, Balarabe declared, “The government of Nigeria will continue to create an enabling environment that supports reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector.” He emphasised the necessity of implementable strategies involving technological innovation, regulatory measures and international cooperation.

Highlighting the global nature of the challenge, Balarabe underscored the importance of international cooperation in addressing inland transport emissions. He called for fostering partnerships, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and active engagement of stakeholders to refine and strengthen the collective response to this pressing global issue.

Encouraging participants to seize the opportunity, the minister urged them to collaborate in charting a course towards a more sustainable and resilient transport system. He emphasised the potential for such a system to not only protect the environment but also promote economic prosperity and social equity.

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