NASRDA Unveils Cutting-Edge Projects @ Tech & Innovation Expo 2024

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The director-general, National Space Research and Development Agency, Dr. Halilu Shaba fielding questions from journalists during the expo in Abuja.

At the 2024 Technology and Innovation Expo the director-general of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA),Dr. Halilu Ahmad Shaba captivated the audience with a presentation on NASRDA’s achievements and activities themed “The New Space Aligning with The Renewed Hope Agenda”.

Shaba emphasised NASRDA’s alignment with the mandates of the Federal Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation and the revised National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. This policy, guided by Presidential Executive Order No. 5, aims to boost innovation, startups, commercialisation and industrialisation in Nigeria.

Moreover, NASRDA showcased a range of projects at the Expo, demonstrating its commitment to exploring groundbreaking innovations in space technology. Some highlighted array of groundbreaking projects by various centres and departments include:

The Advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory featured a mobile ground control station, trainer aircraft, engine starter generator and UAS.

NASRDA African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education – English (ARCSSTEE) highlighted real-time air quality monitoring sensor and Afri-TEC (Africa Ionospheric Total electron content).

NASRDA Engineering (ESS) department impressed with its indigenously made prepaid energy metre, UAV and drones development.

NASRDA physical & life science department showcased expertise in graphene cement, graphene battery and activated graphite.

The Centre for Satellite Technology Development (CSTD) wowed the audience with the spacecraft aerodynamics and control department’s unmanned Ground Vehicle for space exploration.

NASRDA Ground Station and Mission Control displayed their data share capabilities.

The Centre for Atmospheric Research, Anyigba, presented their sun photometer for measuring the sun.

The Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics showcased the integrated earthquake monitoring system for Nigeria.

Centre for Space Transport and Propulsion (CSTP) introduced projects like the web-sized detection jacket with interactive multilingual voice assistance tips.

Additionally, the Institute of Space Science and Engineering (ISSE) introduced their various MSc and PhD programmes, among others.

The range of projects at NASRDA’s booth truly showcases their commitment to innovation and space exploration!

A statement by Olayode Abdurasaq Oluwole for the agency’s media, said these projects exemplify NASRDA’s dedication to leveraging space technology for national development, economic growth and global competitiveness.

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