Alkali Assures Completion Of Kano-Daura Rail Segment By 2025

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The Minister of Transportation, Sen. Said Alkali inspecting Kano-Maradi rail project
The Minister of Transportation, Sen. Said Alkali inspecting Kano-Maradi rail project

The Minister of Transportation, Sen. Said Alkali has confirmed that the Kano-Daura rail project’s initial phase would be completed by 2025.

During a recent inspection tour, the minister stated that the Kano-Maradi project would be segmented, with Kano-Daura to be completed next year and Daura to Maradi and Dutse to Kano in 2026.

The minister’s inspection tour aimed to evaluate the progress of two significant rail projects: the Kano-Maradi and Kaduna-Kano rail projects. The minister inspected the projects with the help of engineers from the Nigeria Railway Corporation, project consultants and contractors. He expressed satisfaction with the progress made since his last visit.

Regarding the Kano-Daura segment, Alkali stated that he had discussed with the contractor and had assured that the project would be completed by 2025. The minister expressed his delight with the progress made so far on the Kano-Daura rail project. The work on the project has reached an advanced stage, with the earthworks and culverts already completed. The minister also noted that the station has started preparing the rail lines and the slippers to facilitate the locomotive’s movement.

The Federal Government’s effort to facilitate trade was also a focus of the inspection tour. Alkali inspected the existing narrow gauge that connects Lagos to Kano, facilitating trade and optimal use of the Dala Inland Dry for movement of cargoes by rail from Lagos to Kano. He confirmed that freight would be put on the narrow gauge from Lagos to Kano in the next month.

The Kano-Daura rail project is an essential component of the Federal Government’s railway modernisation programme, aimed at improving the country’s transportation infrastructure and facilitating trade. The project is expected to enhance transportation connectivity, promote economic growth, and create job opportunities. The completion of the project will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the country’s economy and enhance the people’s livelihoods.

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