CS-SUNN Urges Immediate Action To Address Nigeria’s Malnutrition Crisis

The executive secretary, CS-SUNN, Mr. Sunday Okoronkwo.
The executive secretary, CS-SUNN, Mr. Sunday Okoronkwo.

The Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) has urged swift action to combat the nation’s malnutrition crisis.

The executive secretary of CS-SUNN, Mr. Sunday Okoronkwo made this urgent call during a media roundtable held in Abuja on Thursday, bringing attention to alarming statistics regarding stunted children and the persistent challenge of double malnutrition.

Okoronkwo highlighted the hurdles arising from unmet commitments, emphasising delays in implementation and a noticeable gap between promises and tangible actions. While acknowledging some progress, he stressed the critical need to transition from verbal commitments to operational strategies. Okoronkwo advocated for meaningful mechanisms, improved coordination and enhanced accountability systems specifically dedicated to addressing nutrition challenges.

Affirming CS-SUNN’s dedication to advancing the nation’s nutrition agenda, he referenced ongoing projects like PINNS-2.0. Okoronkwo called upon partners to continue collaborative efforts in raising awareness, generating data and mobilising resources to enhance nutrition outcomes in Nigeria.

The roundtable, serving as the culminating gathering for 2023, emphasised the pivotal role of fulfilling political commitments. The objective is to catalyse concerted efforts toward meeting commitments and accelerating progress in addressing the nutrition challenges faced by Nigeria.

With malnutrition impacting one in three individuals globally and Nigeria ranking second in the number of stunted children, CS-SUNN’s mission gains heightened significance. Trends from the National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) underscore concerning stunting prevalence, compounded by the double burden of malnutrition among women.

Despite Nigeria’s commitments expressed at various summits, pledges often remain on paper without the necessary follow-through. In-country commitments, including increased funding and maternity leave, encounter delays, resulting in unfulfilled promises that exacerbate the persisting malnutrition crisis. The urgency of immediate action is paramount to reversing these trends and fostering positive nutrition outcomes in the country.

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