Energy Sector: FG Launches National Policy, Masterplan

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L-R: The Special Adviser to the President on Energy, Mrs. Olu Verheije and the director-general, Energy Commission of Nigeria, Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi unveiling the official unveiling of the NEP and NEMP documents in Abuja.

In alignment with President Bola Tinubu’s strategic vision for Nigeria’s energy landscape, the Federal Government has introduced an official gazette specifically focusing on the National Energy Policy (NEP) and National Energy Masterplan (NEMP) to oversee and improve the country’s energy performance and sustainability.

The official unveiling of the NEP and NEMP, orchestrated by the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) in Abuja, witnessed the Minister of Innovation Science and Technology (IST), Chief Uche Nnaji emphasised ECN’s pivotal role in strategic planning and harmonising national energy policies for effective implementation.

Nnaji underscored the commission’s mandate in monitoring the energy sector’s performance in alignment with federal government directives. This gazette serves as a comprehensive documentation tool for government policies and directives, carrying substantial weight for widespread implementation with legal enforceability and authoritative influence.

He emphasized the formal recognition accorded to these documents by the federal government, thereby bolstering their credibility and fostering adherence from government bodies, institutions, private enterprises, and commercial entities.

The commission assumes a crucial role in societal progress by ensuring sustainable energy generation, distribution, and utilisation. Through offering a coherent decision-making framework, it nurtures collaboration between the government and various stakeholders for effective energy governance.

The Special Adviser to the President on Energy, Mrs. Olu Verheije accentuated the pivotal role of energy as the backbone of society, propelling economic advancement, industrial growth, and enhancing the populace’s quality of life. Nigeria grapples with energy hurdles like deficient infrastructure and limited electricity accessibility, necessitating a holistic approach that prioritises energy resource diversification, efficiency, and sustainability.

Verheije stressed the significance of embracing renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures to ensure dependable and inclusive energy access for all Nigerians. She also highlighted accomplishments such as expanding energy capacity, implementing energy efficiency initiatives, and advocating for clean energy practices.

The director-general of ECN, Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi disclosed that the official approval and gazette status confer formal recognition upon these documents, solidifying the government’s stance on energy-related matters with clarity and consistency in policy direction. This legal mandate empowers the enforcement and execution of outlined policies, with the goal of enhancing sustainable and efficient energy sector performance.

Abdullahi emphasised that government endorsement bolsters the credibility of these documents, cultivating trust among stakeholders and investors. It also fosters international collaboration and alignment with global energy agendas, paving the way for cooperative engagements and diplomatic ties.

The gazette serves as a government instrument for public enlightenment, educating citizens on energy challenges and holding the government accountable for its energy policies. The implementation strategy outlined in the master plan aids stakeholders, investors, and the public in making well-informed decisions regarding energy investments and diversification for energy security.

Moreover, the document charts a course towards solar and renewable energy adoption, underscoring energy efficiency for optimal utilisation and preservation. Effective energy management is highlighted as imperative in addressing the prevailing energy crisis, with energy diversification being touted as the primary solution for ensuring energy security and efficiency.

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