Why We Recognise Outstanding Individuals – Phase 3 Boss

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Sunday Jegede
R-L: The Phase 3 Telecom and Springhall British School chairman, Mr. Stanley Jegede and his spouse, Mrs. Mosunmola Jegede during the thanksgiving event in Abuja.

The management of Phase 3 Telecom and Springhall British School has revealed the rationale behind recognising and rewarding outstanding individuals who have distinguished themselves in contributing to the advancement of both institutions.

Speaking during the 18 years’ thanksgiving in Abuja, the Phase 3 Telecom and Springhall British School chairman, Mr. Stanley Jegede, said the event was to celebrate one another, especially the staff and award people worth awarding.

“Each time of the year we always celebrate in December. 2021 truly is especially very exceptional. Why December 2021 remains a special and unique year because we are alive [and] in good health; not everyone that started this year is here with us. We find it to be a year where we show gratitude to our creator, the Almighty God, for His goodness and mercies. I am glad to see everyone looking very beautiful.

“Teachers have to look for innovative ways to run the various teams and digital transformation was accelerated because of the pandemic and so many other things that occurred between 2020 and 2021.

“There are several people that were very supportive throughout the journey and some of those people gave courage, confidence, hope and faith,” Jegede said.

In her remarks, the head of corporate communications of Phase 3 Telecom, Mrs. Morayo Nwabufo, revealed that Phase 3 Telecom is committed to bridging the connectivity gap in Nigeria.

“We are trying as much as we can to take connectivity over power lines. In terms of connectivity and bridging the gap between the connected and unconnected in Nigeria and, indeed, the sub-Sahara region, I will say that it is a very major achievement for us.

“You can not talk about Nigeria connectivity project or bridging the digital device between the rich and the unrich without infrastructure like Phase 3 Telecom. I think that itself is a major achievement for the business.

“There was time [when] it would have been ridiculous to think that it was possible to pass connectivity, connect people or transmit internet via a fibre cable; it could have been ridiculous, but look at where we are today. 

“Being an infrastructure company, it means that we play a vital role in ensuring that the unconnected becomes connected. 

“We must commend NITDA and NCC in terms of the new policies that they are putting in place and involving the private sector to help drive this remarkable development within the telecom and technology space. I think more and more partnerships between the public and private sectors will help us to achieve this goal. It is a lofty achievement but once we form a partnership between the private and public sectors, we will achieve it and connect the unconnected, we will get that rural area that we are targeting even the city centres. We will be able to bridge the gap faster but it requires the partnership between the public and private sectors. 

“Come February 2022, we are going to be nearing a new milestone, a greater partnership between Phase 3 Telecom and global partners that will see more innovation in the country – not just in the traditional telecommunication phase but a synergy between telecoms and technology like never before and Phase 3 will pave the way.

“The Stanley Jegede Foundation is one of the thematic education development programmes and to sit on the board of a school like Springhall, is also one of the ways that he is making it clear that, although his passion is telecom and technology, he also has a passion for education,” she added. 

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