We Are Making Farming Less Stressful With IT – Afrimash

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An agritech company, Afrimash Company Limited says it is making agriculture convenient for farmers with the deployment of Information Technology (IT) to increase food production.

 The chief executive officer and co-founder of the company, Ahmed Ayoade Oyedotun told journalists the company had identified the major challenges farmers face in sourcing quality farm inputs and had committed to bridging these gaps through robust IT solutions.

“The need to enhance food security and production has always been one of the core responsibilities of every nation, Nigeria inclusive. With this goal in mind, Afrimash Company Limited, an indigenous eCommerce firm based in Ibadan, Oyo State has taken the ‘bull by the horns’ by ensuring that Nigerian farmers get the best inputs such as equipment, livestock, seedlings, fertilizers, and quality vaccines that will enable them to increase food production while making agriculture convenient.

“One thing that eCommerce does is that it makes it easy for suppliers and buyers to meet, but in agriculture, it is a different ball game when we are talking about live products like day-old chicks, juveniles, rabbits, and so on. 

“Access to quality inputs is one of the biggest challenges that farmers face in Nigerian and Africa. We are here to bridge that gap using Internet technology. Today, quite a number of farmers have internet access and we leverage on the ever-increasing Internet penetration rate in Nigeria.,” he said.

Speaking on patronage and market acceptability, the senior lead communication executive of Afrimash Company Limited, Eshett Goodness Mfonobong, said: “When we started over the years, a lot of pessimists said that farmers are not online, but trust me, we have come to realize that this is wrong with high repeat customers and a lot of our customers come through referral. We have lots of referrals because we make shopping easier for them while ensuring that we have quality products delivered to these farmers. The market and the farmers have come to accept us over the years for what we stand for which is quality and convenience.”

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