US CDC Launches Integrated Health Service Delivery Initiative To Enhance Health Outcomes

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A cross section of stakeholders during the meeting.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) has unveiled its strategy for an integrated health services delivery initiative.

The launch, which occurred during the USCDC’s 3rd biannual programme performance review and stakeholder engagement meeting held from October 17-19, 2023, also saw the body assess its ongoing efforts to support Nigeria in eliminating HIV as a public health threat by 2030.

This three-day gathering served as a platform for national and state partners, as well as stakeholders from the 19 US CDC-supported states, to engage in discussions about the progress and challenges encountered in HIV programming over the past year. It also provided an opportunity to chart the course for state-driven HIV responses, coordination, and sustainability efforts. The integrated health services platform is a pivotal addition aimed at bolstering these efforts and enhancing the accessibility and quality of comprehensive healthcare throughout Nigeria.

Throughout the meeting, the US CDC country deputy director, Suzanne Theroux expressed commendation to national and state officials, implementing and development partners, and other stakeholders for their concerted efforts to bridge testing and treatment gaps. These collective actions bring Nigeria closer to reaching the 95-95-95 targets set for HIV response. She underscored the US CDC’s unwavering dedication to leveraging scientific data to guide the design and implementation of sustainable, comprehensive health programs driven by the states.

US Chargé d’Affaires, David Greene lauded the introduction and forthcoming implementation of the integrated health service delivery platform as a groundbreaking concept with substantial potential in Nigeria. By forging connections across various disease responses and routine healthcare activities like immunisation, this initiative is poised to fortify Nigeria’s healthcare and public health systems, ensuring the efficient utilisation of available resources.

Representing the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, the ministry’s director of public health, Dr. Chukwuma Anyaike also emphasised the importance and effectiveness of partnerships within the HIV response. He stressed the ongoing imperative to address identified testing and treatment gaps while highlighting the significance of leveraging data and innovative technology to enhance health outcomes across Nigeria.

This meeting aligns with the US CDC’s steadfast commitment to regularly assess and adapt programming to meet the evolving needs of the HIV response in Nigeria. The next biannual program performance review and stakeholder engagement meeting is slated for April 2024, marking a continuation of these collaborative efforts.

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