Umakhihe Advocates Seamless Implementation Of FCSSIP-25 Pillars For Enhanced Service Delivery

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FMAFS Bi-monthly Meeting
A cross section of participants during the Bi-monthly meeting in Abuja.

The permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (FMAFS), Dr. Umakhihe has emphasised the importance of a seamless implementation of the Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan 2021-2025 (FCSSIP-25) to enhance service delivery within the Civil Service.

Umakhihe’s call for effective execution of the FCSSIP-25’s pillars took place during the bi-monthly service-wide meeting of directors of reform coordination at the Agricultural Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI) in Abuja.

Represented by the director of reform coordination service improvement & innovation (RCSI & I), Dr. Dunoma Ahmed, Umakhihe highlighted that the department of reform coordination plays a pivotal role in driving reforms within the Civil Service. This meeting served as a platform for directors of reform coordination to share experiences, exchange ideas and brainstorm innovative ways to enhance service delivery and productivity throughout the entire workplace.

Umakhihe remarked, “The department is now re-positioned, with the creation of the innovation division, to vigorously pursue the implementation of the current reform strategy namely the Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation Plan 2021-2025 (FCSSIP-25). You are all aware that the FCSSIP-25, consisting of six prioritized initiatives (pillars), is a vehicle for delivering transformation of the Federal Civil Service for effective and efficient service delivery”.

He commended the ministry (FMAFS) for its active role in driving FCSSIP-25 and other civil service reforms. Notably, the ministry has been recognised with numerous awards for its dedication to the reform agenda, with the recent achievement being the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Award during the 2023 Civil Service Week.

Umakhihe urged all participants to work collaboratively to drive the reforms, bringing innovative ideas that rejuvenate the Civil Service for improved productivity.

During the meeting, the permanent secretary of the Service Policies and Strategies Office (SPSO), Mr. Olufemi Oloruntola emphasised the significance of the ongoing reform process. He highlighted that while progress has been made, continued efforts are essential across all six pillars of FCSSIP-25. Some government agencies are leading the way in implementing necessary reforms, while others face challenges in providing performance reports.

Oloruntola encouraged directors of reforms to ensure their respective agencies remain up to date with the FCSSIP-25 implementation matrix. He stressed the importance of the civil service’s role in delivering the “Renewed Hope Agenda” of the new administration led by President Bola Tinubu. This administration looks to civil servants for innovative solutions to meet the agenda’s goals.

The meeting also featured informative presentations on subjects such as the management of change in political transitions and capability building and talent management tailored to the unique requirements of government agencies.

In conclusion, the call for a seamless implementation of FCSSIP-25’s pillars underscored the commitment of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and the entire Civil Service to enhance service delivery, innovation and productivity. Through collaborative efforts, innovative strategies and continuous reforms, Nigeria’s Civil Service aims to achieve its transformational goals and contribute significantly to the nation’s growth and development.

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