Uber Enhances Safety With Emergency On-Trip Assistance, Audio Recording

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A cross section of dignitaries during the event in Lagos.

In a move to prioritise safety, taxi hailing service Uber has partnered with Sety to launch in-app emergency support for drivers and riders in Nigeria.

The company has also announced the upcoming introduction of audio recording features, further showcasing its commitment to leveraging technology for safety.

During an event in Lagos, country manager for Uber in Nigeria, Tope Akinwumi highlighted the company’s focus on safety. “Safety is at the heart of what we do at Uber and we have made significant investments in technology and other measures to ensure the well-being of our drivers and riders on the platform”.

The CEO of Sety, Nnamdi Melie expressed pride in the partnership with Uber, stating, “Our collaboration with Uber underscores our shared commitment to prioritising and utilising digital technology to enhance the safety of our customers and partners, thus ensuring the well-being of all Nigerians as a whole”.

The ‘safety toolkit’, accessible through the Uber app, allows riders and drivers to access the ‘emergency assistance’ feature by tapping the shield icon on the map screen. This feature provides GPS location, car details and license plate information to private emergency services and security responders, facilitating a quick response in case of an emergency.

Uber is also set to launch audio recording, a highly requested feature by drivers. This opt-in function will enable riders and drivers to record and share audio of their trips as evidence in the event of a safety incident. The pilot of this feature in South Africa saw over 3,400 drivers and 80,000 riders utilising it, demonstrating its value in collecting evidence.

By offering audio recording, Uber aims to enhance the quality of evidence gathered during reported safety incidents. Riders and drivers can submit their recordings alongside safety reports, providing a comprehensive account of the incident. Uber will have access to these recordings for investigation purposes with the rider’s or driver’s consent.

“We are dedicated to placing safety at the forefront of our operations and continually seeking ways to improve safety standards on our platform,” concludes Akinwumi. “Not only do we strive to provide reliable transportation services, but we are committed to being leaders in safety innovation, utilising technology to elevate safety standards for all riders and drivers using our platform.”

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