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Transportation Minister Takes Bold Step, Signs Performance Bond With Directors, CEOs

FMoT Bond SIgning
The Minister of Transportation, Sen. Said Alkali, Permanent secretary of the ministry, Oloruntola Olufemi and other stakeholders sign performance bond in Abuja.

The Minister of Transportation, Sen. Said Alkali has signed a comprehensive ministerial performance bond with the directors and chief executive officers (CEOs) of his ministry and associated agencies, in a move towards accountability and achieving the ambitious targets set for the transportation sector.

The bond outlines a strategic roadmap aimed at ensuring sustainable developments in the transportation sector by the end of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s first tenure in 2027.

The momentous occasion took place at the conclusion of a two-day Ministerial Retreat on Cascading Signed Performance Bond at the weekend in Abuja, February 9, 2024. Addressing journalists, Alkali reiterated his unwavering commitment to fulfilling the ministerial mandates outlined in the performance bond.

Encouraging the directors and agency heads under the ministry, Alkali emphasised the need for commitment in advancing the sector’s goals. He urged them to contribute to the Nigerian economy by establishing an efficient, modern, affordable and environmentally friendly intermodal transport system, in accordance with President Bola Tinubu’s vision.

At the retreat, key performance indicators (KPIs) and roles for each department and agency of the ministry were defined and signed by directors and heads. The signatories included officials from pivotal agencies such as the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) and the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT).

Among those who signed the performance bond were managing director of the NRC, Engr. Fidet Okhiria; Director-general of NITT, Dr. Bayero Farah; Director of the rail department, Engr. Finbarr Zirra; Director of road mass transit, Mr. Musa Ibrahim and other key figures from the ministry.

The signatories, encompassing various departments, committed to an annual appraisal system covering the period 2023-2027, demonstrating a joint dedication to transforming the socio-economic fortunes of the transportation sector.

Okhiria disclosed specific plans for railway development, including aligning the narrow gauge to the standard gauge from Makarfi to Kano. He highlighted the progress of the track lane at 80 per cent completion and ongoing formation work from Makarfi to Kaduna. Okhiria expressed optimism that, by mid-2025, riding from Abuja to Kano would be a reality.

The DG of NITT, Bayero Saleh Farah outlined commitments to provide the required manpower for the transport industry, fostering innovation and conducting research. He emphasised the importance of delivering on these commitments to ensure the successful realisation of the bond between the minister and president.

Permanent secretary of the ministry, Oloruntola Olufemi assured the minister of the collective commitment of all signatories to collaborate for the progress of the sector. The performance bond, with its ambitious goals and comprehensive strategy, marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards a transformed and efficient transportation sector in Nigeria.

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