Transportation Minister Drives Performance Bonds Implementation Across Agencies

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L-R: The director, Transport, Planning and Coordination, Dr. Mercy Ilori; Permanent secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Oloruntola Olufemi; Minister of Transportation, Sen. Said Alkali; Managing director, Nigeria Railways Corporation, Engr. Fidet Okhiria; and Director-general, Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, Dr. Bayaro Farah during the retreat in Abuja.

In a bid to accelerate progress in the transportation sector and align with the priorities of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, the Minister of Transportation, Senator Said Alkali spearheaded the cascading of signed performance bonds to heads of agencies within his ministry.

Speaking at the opening session of a two-day retreat in Abuja on Thursday, February 8, 2024, the minister urged management staff to collaboratively devise strategies aligning with the eight priority areas outlined by Tinubu. Emphasising the importance of achieving goals in the transportation sector, Alkali asserted that such achievements would not only bring relief to Nigerians but also resonate with the broader vision of the president.

The retreat aimed to provide a platform for the ministry to comprehend its role as a pivotal sector in the Nigerian economy and to strategise in line with the administration’s key priorities. This initiative stems from the performance bonds signed by Tinubu and ministers at a presidential retreat in 2023. Alkali highlighted the administration’s mandate to “enhance infrastructure and transportation as enablers of growth”.

Acknowledging the interconnectedness of an efficient transportation system with other priority areas such as agriculture, food security, marine and blue economy, tourism, industrialisation, manufacturing, trade and national integration, Alkali stressed that success in the transportation sector would reverberate across the entire economic landscape.

The central delivery coordination unit (CDCU) in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation has been tasked with monitoring ministerial and permanent secretary performance. Facilitators from CDCU were present at the retreat to shed light on the appraisal criteria, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Alkali charged the permanent secretary to disseminate the outcomes of the retreat to officers who couldn’t attend, emphasising the need for a comprehensive implementation strategy beyond the priority projects and programs outlined in the signed bonds.

Addressing the gathering, the permanent secretary, Olufemi Oloruntola, expressed optimism that the retreat would delve into the intricacies of the performance bonds, setting clear objectives for fulfilling the ministry’s mandate. He underscored the comprehensive nature of the performance bond, encompassing initiatives, deliverables, key performance indicators (KPIs), timelines and targets essential for sector advancement.

Oloruntola assured the minister of the Ministry’s commitment to regular reviews of agencies’ performances and quarterly appraisals, reaffirming the ministry’s dedication to advancing the transportation sector for the benefit of Nigerians.

The retreat, with its focus on strategic planning and performance evaluation, marks a significant step toward achieving the goals set by Tinubu’s administration and underscores the Ministry of Transportation’s commitment to transparency, accountability and efficient service delivery in the transportation sector.

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