RMRDC Spearheads Research, Innovation Advancements


In a remarkable stride towards addressing societal challenges, the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) has emerged as a leader in research and innovative product development.

According to the director of the industrial plant and equipment design department at RMRDC, Emmanuel Ilyiakwara the council has pioneered the development of over 100 products across various fields, with 41 patented products showcasing proof of concept.

Speaking at the RMRDC Day during the Science and Innovation Expo organised by the Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science & Technology in Abuja, Ilyiakwara highlighted the council’s commitment to driving impactful research outcomes.

Despite these groundbreaking achievements, challenges persist, with inadequate funding identified as a major impediment to the commercialisation of locally developed innovations in science and technology. Many viable research outputs remain underutilised, languishing on shelves.

While RMRDC’s mandate is primarily focused on value addition through industry-driven research, Ilyiakwara emphasised the council’s collaboration with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) to disseminate recent industry developments.

He stressed the importance of partnership with MAN, noting that RMRDC aligns its activities with the 10 sectors of MAN to address specific industry needs. Through participation in events like expos and investment forums, RMRDC engages stakeholders to showcase its research achievements and foster collaboration.

In a goodwill message, a retired director from the Central Bank of Nigeria, Garba Ibrahim urged the Federal Government to establish a special project dedicated to financing locally invented machinery for commercialisation.

Highlighting examples such as paint-making machines, Ibrahim proposed targeted financing to facilitate the commercialisation of these inventions. By incentivising private sector investment and supporting small-scale businesses, Nigeria can harness the full potential of indigenous innovations.

As RMRDC continues to spearhead research and innovation breakthroughs, collaborative efforts with industry stakeholders and enhanced funding mechanisms will be vital in driving the commercialisation of locally developed technologies, fostering economic growth and addressing societal needs. 

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