RMO Takes Medical Outreach To Rural Community

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Rural Mission Outreach (RMO) recently conducted a medical outreach program in Toge Village, Abuja, providing critical services to the most vulnerable members of the community.

The event, which took place on March 18th, 2023, treated 150 individuals for various medical conditions, with eight doctors, one nurse, and two pharmacists staffing the program. The RMO also referred three emergency cases to the hospital for further care.

In addition to medical treatment, over 100 people received foodstuffs, provisions, toiletries, and gifts such as clothes, shoes, wrappers, slippers, sandals and cash donations.

The event’s success was made possible through donations from supporters and the tireless efforts of volunteers who worked to distribute essential items to those in need.

A statement signed by Kenneth Agumadu, on behalf of RMO, said the organisation is committed to improving the lives of the poorest of the poor, widows, elderly, aged, indigents and vulnerable members of society.

“300 people attended our event where 150 received medical treatment from 8 doctors, 1 nurse, and 2 pharmacists. 3 emergency cases were referred to the hospital. Additionally, 100+ received food, toiletries, and gifts thanks to generous donors and hardworking volunteers.”

The outreach programme provided basic necessities such as clean water, food and medical care to those who need them the most, and the organisation will continue to work towards this goal in all its future outreach programmes.

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