President Buhari Appoints Chukwu As DG Of NBTI

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The director-general, National Board for Technology Incubation, Dr. Patricia Chukwu.
The director-general, National Board for Technology Incubation, Dr. Patricia Chukwu.

President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Dr. Patricia Chukwu as the director-general/chief executive officer of the National Board for Technology Incubation (NBTI). The appointment, effective from May 1, 2023, marks a significant step in advancing technology and innovation in Nigeria.

Chukwu brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having previously served as the director of the southeast zone of the board. She has also held the position of pioneer centre manager for the Technology Incubation Centre in Nnewi and later became the pioneer zonal director for NBTI southeast.

With a doctorate in agriculture extension from the Ebony State University, Chukwu is a highly qualified professional. Her educational background includes an MSc, MBA and PGD from the Enugu State University, as well as a PGD in technology management. She has a strong track record in her field, with 40 academic research publications and 11 patents to her name.

Chukwu’s expertise in technology incubation programmes is widely recognised. She has played a pivotal role in establishing several institution-based technology incubation centres in various tertiary institutions across the country. Her efforts have led to the establishment of institutional technology incubation centres in renowned Federal polytechnics such as Oko, Nekede and Afikpo.

As an active member of professional bodies such as the National Business Incubator Network of America and seven other relevant associations, Chukwu is well-connected within her industry. Her appointment as DG of NBTI reflects her commitment to fostering technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

With Chukwu at the helm, the National Board for Technology Incubation is poised to make significant strides in promoting technology-driven entrepreneurship and creating an enabling environment for innovation. Her appointment is a testament to the government’s commitment to advancing technology and supporting the growth of the Nigerian economy.

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