Phase3 Telecom Celebrates 18th Year, Seeks Expansion Into Sub-Saharan Africa

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All is set for West Africa’s leading end-to-end fibre network infrastructure and digital services provider, Phase3 Telecom to mark its 18th anniversary in the coming days.

The fibre optics company, established in 2003, has made name for itself as a foremost carrier with over 300 projects delivered to date. The company continues to expand the scope of its offerings and capabilities beyond the shores of Nigeria, through invaluable global partnerships, and its WestAfricaOne® regional business play, a statement from the company’s communications department said.

The statement said the company will expand its scope across the sub-region, into Ghana, Senegal, Togo, Benin, Niger, Cameroon, Chad and Guinea Bissau, as part of its strategic intent to boost accessibility and foster regional integration via its network.

“Thus, launching multiple expansion projects targeted at transforming West Africa’s telecommunications landscape, using innovative technology as well as the development of secure high-performance network communications and solutions – as leverage to effectively connect people, businesses and networks within the sub-region, and to the rest of the world.

“If anything, Phase3’s 18th year and role in Nigeria and Africa’s telecommunications-cum technology space has become even more mission-critical, riding on a future proof network mindset and targeted partner collaborations especially in an intra-pandemic and soon-to-be post-pandemic world; one where, more than ever before, there is the exponential demand for high-performance, secure and scalable networks like Phase3  with diverse routes for the efficient and consistent delivery of bandwidth-hungry content, as well as comprehensive next-generation services in the OTT, cloud and cyber security spaces – that assure both meaningful and safe connections for businesses and customers across varied market demographics,” said executive chairman, Mr. Stanley Jegede.

Jegede said the company’s resources and investment outlook will continue to be tailored to realising its robust legacy connectivity market expansion plan, as well as layered digital service capabilities via its homegrown systems and technology partnerships, to help its client base and partner network achieve their digital transformation and connectivity goals quicker.   

“In 18 years the Phase3 family has been granted the opportunity to make vital contributions in one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors and that is a lot to be grateful for; not to be taken lightly. Phase3 is committed to the values, processes, constant innovation as well as knowledge growth of its dynamic team to optimize its service solutions and sustain a global standard service delivery architecture that clients, partners and stakeholders on and beyond the continent, will remain proud of,” he added.

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