Pharmacist Tasks Nigerians On Correct Prescriptions 

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drugs abuse

Nigerians have been adviced to endeavour to buy the exact drugs on the prescriptions given to them by physicians, either in hospitals or pharmacies. 

Speaking to journalists yesterday (November 14, 2022) in Abuja, Pharm. Oyedele Damilare said that drugs are made by various companies/brands but, most times, when a prescriber specifies a particular brand, he or she has a reason for doing so. 

“Please, don’t go buying unbranded drugs when a particular brand was specified. You won’t get the results you need, especially in a country like Nigeria where [the] regulation is not so good. 

“Also, do not let anyone change a drug prescribed to you. Always get exactly as prescribed. Some medication outlets may not have but would want to avoid a loss of sales [by giving you the available one]. 

“If you can’t get exactly what was prescribed, go back to your physician. He or she either writes an effective alternative, if available or gets those exact brands for you,” he explained. 

Damilare explained that physicians have their reasons for recommending some specific brands. 

“This is very important. It will save you time, stress and finances. Then having to go back to look for the exact drug after you must have completed the initial unbranded and ineffective drug,” he added.

Racheal Abujah
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