Pate Identifies Critical Issues In National Hospital Abuja Infrastructure, Calls For Solutions

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Pate National Hopsital
The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Muhammed Pate (second from left) being welcomed to the National Hospital Abuja by officials and other dignitaries at the weekend.

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Muhammed Pate has shed light on the critical issues plaguing the National Hospital healthcare system and expressed a commitment to finding solutions to them.

Pate, who spoke during his visit to a hospital in Abuja on Saturday emphasised that with a focus on patient-centred care and collaboration between the government and healthcare institutions, there is hope for improvement.

He highlighted the pressing issues facing the healthcare system and underscored the need for immediate action.

The minister expressed gratitude to the hospital’s management for their proactive approach and acknowledged the dedication of the staff in providing quality care to patients.

During the visit, he emphasised the primary goal of solving problems and putting patients and the Nigerian people at the center of healthcare decisions.

The minister acknowledged the complexity and challenges faced by the healthcare system but stressed the importance of finding practical solutions.

One of the key issues identified was the deteriorating infrastructure in the hospital. With infrastructure that is over 20 years old, he highlighted the urgent need for renovation and modernisation.

“We can see outdated equipment, particularly in cancer care and radiology; these are areas that require immediate attention.

“The shortage of healthcare workers and the challenges in retaining them will also be addressed,” he said.

He acknowledged the stress faced by healthcare professionals and emphasized the need to address their welfare to ensure a sustainable workforce.

Another significant issue highlighted was the unreliable power supply, which affects the quality of healthcare delivery. The minister called for diversifying the sources of power to improve the healthcare environment.

Inadequate financing for uncompensated care, especially for trauma and cancer patients, was another concern raised by the minister.

According to him, the solution to this problem would require a combination of public and private resources to ensure adequate funding for the hospital.

The minister commended the leadership of the hospital and their commitment to addressing these challenges.

“The hospital’s leadership team, along with the support of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, will work together to find solutions and mobilise resources.

“The ultimate goal is to improve the hospital and ensure better healthcare services for the Nigerian people,” he said.

These issues are not isolated to just one hospital, as he acknowledged the need for similar interventions in other healthcare facilities across the country.

“Committees and mechanisms will be established to facilitate collaboration and ensure effective problem-solving in the healthcare sector,” he said.

Meanwhile, the CMD of the National Hospital Abuja, Prof. Muhammad Raji Mahmud commended the minister and also pledged his readiness to work with the minister, while putting Nigerians at the centre of it all.

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