NPHCDA, Clerics Move To Boost Vaccine Uptake Across Communities

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The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has announced a concerted effort to enhance public health and ensure widespread vaccine access by collaborating with religious and traditional leaders.

This strategic partnership leverages the influential roles of these leaders to promote vaccine acceptance and uptake across communities, particularly in areas where vaccine hesitancy remains a challenge.

Executive director of NPHCDA, Dr. Muyi Aina stated in an interview monitored in Abuja, that this initiative aims to shape community perspectives, foster open dialogue and set health priorities, aligning with the broader goal of achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030.

The NPHCDA and its partners are working to educate religious and traditional leaders on the importance of vaccines and equipping them with accurate information to share with their followers. By creating platforms for discussion, the NPHCDA aims to address concerns, dispel myths and provide clear, science-based answers to questions about vaccines. 

Recognising the trust and respect that religious and traditional leaders hold within their communities, Aina emphasised that their endorsement and active participation in vaccination campaigns can significantly impact public perception and behaviour. He also highlighted that these leaders can provide valuable insights into the unique challenges and needs of their communities, allowing for more tailored and effective health interventions.

Aina stressed that ensuring every Nigerian has access to life-saving vaccines is crucial for protecting public health and preventing the spread of diseases. He expressed that the combined efforts of the NPHCDA, its partners and community leaders are expected to contribute significantly to this goal.

This initiative represents a significant step towards achieving the broader objective of Universal Health Coverage by 2030. Aina emphasised that the success of this endeavour hinges on the active involvement of every individual within the community and he envisions that every person has a vital role to play in this effort, whether by getting vaccinated, encouraging others to do so, or participating in community health activities. With the support of respected community figures, the campaign aims to create a more informed and health-conscious populace. The NPHCDA and its partners remain committed to supporting these leaders and their communities, ensuring that accurate information and vaccines are accessible to all. This collaborative approach not only aims to improve vaccination rates but also to build a foundation for sustained public health improvements, ultimately leading to the realisation of universal health coverage within the next decade.

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