NOTAP Director Awarded Honorary Doctorate In Human Resource Mgt

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Dr. Idoreyin Imiyoho.
Dr. Idoreyin Imiyoho.

The Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management Nigeria, in collaboration with the Human Resource Management Professionals and Certification Institute (CIHRM) under the Chartered-Ship House Bill No. 319, 2019, has bestowed an Honorary Doctoral Fellowship Award in Human Resource Management on Dr. Idoreyin Imiyoho (FCIHRM).

CIHRM is a registered professional body dedicated to fostering a culture of human resources (HR) and human capital development. Its membership comprises executives at various levels, as well as leaders and experts in Human Resource Management and development.

Dr. Imiyoho, the director of the technology innovation and commercialization department at the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), was recognised for her expertise in human resource management, exemplary leadership competencies, selfless service to humanity and remarkable skills in organisational management.

Her remarkable and exceptional contributions to human resource management, leadership and manpower development in society, along with her professional and academic accomplishments both within Nigerian and international institutions, were key factors in this prestigious recognition.

During the event, the registrar of the institute, Dr. Gbenga Eretan emphasised that managing human beings is more complex than managing machines. Hence, it is important to acknowledge and reward individuals who have demonstrated competencies in human resource management. He urged the awardees to serve as ambassadors of the institute, highlighting that their ability to manage themselves and others sets them apart from the rest.

Eretan urged the awardees not to become complacent, as much is expected from those who have received such recognition. He encouraged them to continue being forward-thinking HR leaders, ready to create positive and lasting impacts at all times.

In her acceptance speech, Imiyoho expressed her gratitude to God and the institute for bestowing upon her this esteemed recognition. She commended the institute for identifying and acknowledging professionalism and hard work, as it serves as a catalyst to inspire younger professionals to be diligent in their duties.

“This honour is a call to uphold professionalism and selflessness in service. It is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that I have invested in my career and profession. I am deeply grateful to God and to this Institute for the recognition and award. It proves that our efforts are not in vain. I am motivated to continually strive for greater achievements, not only for my organisation but also for the nation and the global community as a whole.”

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