NITDA Launches 4th Edition Of Service Charter, iServe Emblem To Enhance Delivery

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L-R: The director-general, National Information Technology Development Agency, Mallam Kashifu Abdullahi and the national coordinator, SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnnenna Akajemeli unveiling the charter and iServe emblem in Abuja.

In an effort to improve service delivery and enhance customer satisfaction, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) announced the launch of the 4th edition of its service charter and the iServe emblem.

Aligned with the objectives of the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS) and NITDA’s Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP) 2021-2024, these initiatives aim to establish a high-velocity organisation with a strong service delivery culture.

The director-general of NITDA, Mallam Kashifu Abdullahi emphasised the importance of aligning with the objectives of NDEPS and SRAP to ensure that the agency meets the public’s expectations and becomes a highly efficient organisation. He highlighted the significant progress NITDA has made in the past three years, in line with its vision, mission and core values. The service charter and iServe emblem were developed to address contemporary issues and drive positive change in the nation’s digital economy.

Abdullahi stressed the need for innovation and finding new ways to deliver services in order to satisfy customers. He emphasised the agency’s commitment to meeting the highest standards of customer service, aiming to exceed customer expectations and earn their loyalty. He also expressed NITDA’s aspiration to meet the service standards of leading countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom by adopting globally recognised frameworks and tailoring them to Nigeria’s specific needs.

The national coordinator of SERVICOM, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli commended NITDA for its accomplishments and unwavering dedication to the success of SERVICOM. She encouraged the agency to continue improving its service delivery to citizens.

SERVICOM, an initiative of the Federal Government, aims to promote effective and efficient service delivery in government agencies, ensuring customer satisfaction and bridging the performance-expectation gap between the government and its citizens. Akajemeli highlighted the role of SERVICOM in fostering collaboration among internal and national committees to ensure citizen-focused service delivery across the country.

The head of the SERVICOM Unit at NITDA, Mrs. Tariundu Ndoni expressed gratitude to the director-general and management of the agency for the opportunity to contribute to public service delivery.

Ndoni described the iServe emblem as an innovative effort to institutionalise a culture of excellent service delivery within the agency. It serves as a demonstration of NITDA’s transformation to better serve customers and meet stakeholder expectations in the digital technology sector. The iServe slogan, “We exist to serve,” reflects the agency’s commitment to prioritising people and adhering to a comprehensive framework.

She explained that “’we’ refers to the agency being part of the public service and working collaboratively with interested partners. ‘Exist’ signifies NITDA’s establishment as the regulator for the government’s IT sector needs. Finally, ‘to serve’ emphasises the agency’s dedication to providing excellent service to all citizens. By adopting the iServe emblem and slogan, NITDA aims to create a customer-centric approach and ensure the delivery of high-quality services that benefit all citizens.

With the launch of the 4th edition of the service charter and the iServe emblem, NITDA took a significant step towards improving service delivery and customer satisfaction. By aligning with national objectives and adopting innovative approaches, the agency is set to enhance its operations and create a positive impact on the nation’s digital economy. Through collaboration and a commitment to excellence, NITDA aims to serve its customers and citizens effectively, fostering a culture of efficient service delivery throughout the organisation.

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