NiMet Warns Against NLSRC’s Unauthorised Weather Forecasts

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The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has cautioned the public to disregard the Nigerian Lightning Safety and Research Center (NLSRC)’s publication warning of unauthorised lightning strikes across Nigeria in May 2023.

NiMet stated that it did not authorise NLSRC to issue any such weather forecast to the public, as it is the statutory responsibility of NiMet to provide meteorological information to the public.

NiMet is responsible for advising the Federal Government on all meteorological aspects, collecting, processing and disseminating all meteorological data and information within and outside Nigeria and prescribing and issuing meteorological data and information required for all sectoral activities in Nigeria.

“As such,” NiMet said “any person who uses or disseminates meteorological information obtained from any other source without NiMet’s approval, license, or authority for commercial or public purposes, commits an offence”.

NiMet advised the public to disregard any meteorological information issued by NLSRC or any other body or source outside of NiMet’s approval or authorisation, as NiMet is not responsible or liable in any way for any consequence resulting from reliance or acting upon such information.

NiMet encouraged the public to obtain weather-related information from its headquarters in Abuja, NiMet’s official website, any authorised publication, or any NiMet licensed/authorised body.

In conclusion, the public has been urged to report any observed unauthorised dissemination of weather/meteorological information to the agency through the office of the director-general or by sending an email to

By doing so, the accuracy and reliability of meteorological information provided to the public can be ensured and unnecessary panic can be avoided.

Oluchi Okorafor
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