NiMet Issues Alert About Dust Haze In Several Northern States


The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued a public warning about the potential deterioration of visibility in certain northern states due to observed dust haze originating from a source region.

According to the agency, stations in the source region, including Chad (Faya-Largeau, Bol-Berim, Mongo, Abeche and Ndjamena) have reported horizontal visibility ranging from 800m to 4000m.

Furthermore, neighbouring areas in Niger that share borders with northern Nigeria (Diffa, Maine-Soroa, Goure, Bila, Maradi, Zinder and Birnin-Konni) have reported poor visibility due to dust haze, ranging from 1000m to 3000m over the past 24 hours.

The statement explained that, due to strong winds, the suspended dust is expected to spread to several states in the northern part of the country, further reducing horizontal visibility. The release also indicated the likelihood of continued dust haze in the affected areas.

Oluchi Okorafor
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