Nigeria Pioneering Vaccine Manufacturing In West Africa – PVAC Coord

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Covax COVID-19 Vaccine

The national coordinator of the Presidential ‘Unlocking Healthcare Value-Chain’ Initiative, Dr. Abdul Mukhtar has underscored Nigeria’s pivotal role in the complete vaccine production value chain, positioning the nation as a frontrunner in West Africa’s vaccine manufacturing sector.

In an interview monitored in Kaduna today, Mukhtar expressed this ambition during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the second phase of the AMA medical manufacturing plant.

The “Unlocking the Value Chain” initiative, a cornerstone of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government’s healthcare strategy, aims to tackle health emergencies and enhance overall healthcare quality in the state.

Mukhtar highlighted the Nigerian government’s engagements with global pharmaceutical companies, offering policy support to streamline manufacturing processes. He stressed the significance of generic medications, noting their potential to provide affordable alternatives without compromising quality.

According to him, generics, sharing the same chemical composition as patented drugs, offer equivalent performance while offering substantial cost savings. He pointed to success stories in countries like India and China, where generic drugs have become a cornerstone of healthcare delivery.

Regarding the new manufacturing plant in Kaduna, Mukhtar emphasised its strategic location, poised to serve the vast markets in northern and central Nigeria, as well as neighbouring countries like Niger, Chad and Cameroon. He expressed optimism about Nigeria’s prospects as a key player in the regional pharmaceutical industry.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Muhammed Pate reiterated the objectives of the Presidential Initiative to unlock Nigeria’s healthcare value chain. He emphasised the restructuring of the nation’s health product manufacturing ecosystem to boost domestic production of essential medicines, vaccines, and biologics.

Pate announced significant progress in engaging with leading industry players, both domestically and internationally, to foster new biotech capabilities in Nigeria. He highlighted a landmark Memorandum of Understanding signed with Univercells SA, a Belgian company, aimed at advancing biotechnology adoption in Nigeria.

Through this agreement, Pate explained, Nigeria aims to collaborate with Univercells SA to accelerate the development of the biotech sector, making essential biotechnology products more accessible and affordable for all citizens.

Overall, these initiatives represent a significant stride towards achieving Nigeria’s healthcare goals, ensuring better access to life-saving medications and promoting national health security.

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