Nigeria Health Watch, NAN Strengthen Partnership To Promote Solutions Journalism

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In a bid to advance solutions-oriented reporting in Nigeria, the Nigeria Health Watch, a non-profit organisation, has extended its partnership deal with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) to promote solutions journalism across the country.

The partnership, which commenced in February and will run until December 2024, aims to utilise informed advocacy and communication to advocate for better health and increased access to healthcare services in Nigeria.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held in Abuja on Wednesday, the managing director of NAN, Mr. Ali Muhammad Ali expressed gratitude to the Nigeria Health Watch for its impactful contributions since the onset of the partnership.

Ali highlighted the significance of solutions journalism, emphasising its role in not only spotlighting societal problems but also presenting evidence-based solutions. He stressed the importance of factual accuracy and objectivity in reporting, stating that solutions journalism brings hope to the nation.

Managing director of Nigeria Health Watch, Mrs. Vivianne Ihekweazu commended NAN for its commitment to solutions journalism, noting that the agency was among the first to establish a dedicated solutions journalism desk. She emphasised the importance of solutions journalism in inspiring hope, encouraging action and fostering collective responsibility in addressing societal challenges.

Ihekweazu highlighted the role of solutions journalism in showcasing responses to Nigeria’s myriad challenges, catalysing positive change and empowering communities.

Since its inception in 2022, NAN’s solutions journalism desk has focused on reporting responses to various social challenges across the country. Journalists receive support, training and mentorship from the Nigeria Health Watch team to investigate and report on these responses.

The stories produced by the journalists are published on various news platforms through the Solutions Journalism Africa Initiative. Some of these stories have been featured on the Solutions Journalism Network’s Solutions Story Tracker®, an international database that curates solutions journalism stories from around the world.

The extension of the partnership between Nigeria Health Watch and NAN underscores their shared commitment to promoting solutions-oriented reporting and driving positive change in Nigeria’s media landscape. Through collaborative efforts, they aim to inspire Nigerians, showcase solutions, and foster a sense of empowerment within the community.

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