NCAA Suspends Max Air’s Boeing 737 Operation Due To Safety Concerns

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Max Air

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has suspended the operation of Max Air’s Boeing 737 aircraft due to safety concerns.

The authority took this action following a series of incidents involving the aircraft type. In order to resume operations, Max Air must undergo a satisfactory audit conducted by a team of inspectors appointed by the NCAA.

The incidents that led to the suspension include the loss of a main landing gear wheel during a serious incident, fuel contamination leading to auxiliary power unit shutdown, an aborted take-off due to high exhaust gas temperature and an air return due to duct overheat indication in the cockpit.

According to the general manager of public affairs at the NCAA, Sam Adurogboye the authority is committed to providing robust oversight for the industry and will take violations of safety regulations seriously.

The suspension serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the highest safety standards in aviation. The NCAA’s actions aim to ensure the safety of passengers and prevent any potential risks associated with the operation of the Boeing 737 aircraft.

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