NCAA Launches Face Of Aviation Consumer Protection Initiative

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Mrs. Ifueko Abdulmalik.
Mrs. Ifueko Abdulmalik.

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has taken a proactive step to promote creativity, dedication and excellence within its ranks with the introduction of the Face of Aviation Consumer Protection (FACP) initiative.

During a ceremony, an assistant general manager in consumer protection at the NCAA, Mrs. Ifueko Abdulmalik was crowned as the inaugural Face of Aviation Consumer Protection. This initiative, spearheaded by the director of public affairs and consumer protection, Mr. Michael Achimugu aims to highlight the importance of consumer protection within the aviation industry.

The FACP title will be held for a year, with a new recipient selected annually. This move is part of a broader rebranding effort within the Consumer Protection Department, focusing on enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of Consumer Protection Officers (CPOs) who interact with passengers daily.

The rebranding initiative includes the introduction of a new dress code for CPOs, designed to facilitate easy identification at airports nationwide. Additionally, a dedicated hotline has been established to streamline the process for lodging complaints related to consumer protection issues.

The unveiling of the FACP winner coincided with the launch of a new dress code, featuring sharp crested blue waistcoats, white shirts, and hats, all in alignment with industry standards. These attire additions will complement the existing T-shirts and traditional outfits worn by staff.

Achimugu expressed his admiration for Abdulmalik, stating that she embodies diligence, efficiency and a deep understanding of aviation regulations. He emphasised the significance of recognising the efforts of CPOs and promoting a culture of pride and motivation within the department.

Looking ahead, Achimugu outlined plans to crown a new Face of CPD annually, underscoring the importance of supporting one another and striving for continuous improvement to aid the success of the directorate-general of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

The introduction of the Face of Aviation Consumer Protection initiative marks a significant milestone for the NCAA, reinforcing its commitment to safeguarding consumer rights and promoting excellence within the aviation industry.

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