Saturday, December 2, 2023

NASRDA Takes Lead As Africa’s Premier Space Agency

The project coordinator, African Union Commission, Dr. Tiediani Ouattara (second from left) and the director-general, National Space Research and Development Agency, Dr. Halilu Shaba flanked by other dignitaries during the exchange workshop in Abuja.

Nigeria’s space agency, the National Space Research and Development Agency has been hailed as the leading space agency in West Africa and the foremost agency across the entire African continent.

These plaudits were paid to the agency by the project coordinator of the African Union Commission, Dr. Tiediani Ouattara during the closing ceremony of the recently concluded Global Monitoring of Environment and Security (GMES) 2nd Regional Exchange Workshop for West Africa.

Ouattara commended the dedication of NASRDA, the African Union and GMES in fostering partnerships that drive progress and innovation throughout Africa. He emphasised that the workshop’s success underscores the commitment of these organisations to collaboration and knowledge exchange among African nations. Ouattara encouraged participants to share their findings, success stories, and inventions, emphasising that such sharing would facilitate increased funding for future projects.

Moreover, Ouattara stressed the importance of actively involving women and youth in these initiatives, recognising them as pivotal to the development and advancement of the African continent.

In his address during the workshop’s closure, the director-general of NASRDA, Dr. Halilu Shaba highlighted the critical role of capacity-building for the dynamic and youthful segment of society, emphasising that it is key to securing Africa’s collective future. Shaba expressed his elation at the success of the three-day event, which brought together experts, policymakers and stakeholders. He noted that the active participation of young individuals, particularly from the space agency, highlights the potential of investing in and empowering youth to shape the nation’s destiny.

Furthermore, Shaba highlighted NASRDA’s commitment to gender inclusion and diversity in its innovative processes and responsibilities. He pointed out that numerous women played integral roles in the development of Nigeria Sat X and various other agency activities.

Shaba expressed gratitude to the organizers for the workshop’s success, emphasising that the knowledge shared and partnerships formed during the event would translate into concrete actions aimed at improving environmental sustainability and security across Africa.

A statement from NASRDA’s media and corporate communications department, signed by Ninma Yacim, underscored the significance of maintaining a united front in addressing Africa’s environmental and security challenges. High-ranking officials and dignitaries, including representatives from NASRDA, the African Union and GMES, emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts and working together as one to tackle the continent’s pressing issues. The workshop served as a platform for reaffirming the commitment to collective action in addressing environmental and security challenges, ensuring a more sustainable and secure future for Africa.

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