NASENI, HRP Establish Global Technical Partnership For Infrastructure Devt

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L-R: The overseeing officer, office of the executive vice chairman, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, Mrs. Nonyem Onyechi exchanging the signed memorandum of understanding with the executive chairman, Home Resources and Products Ltd, Arc. Chris Nwofor after the signing ceremony in Abuja.

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) and Home Resources and Products Limited (HRP) have joined forces in a momentous memorandum of understanding (MoU) to foster a global technical partnership.

The partnership will focus on various areas of national interest, including real estate and construction, energy infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, agro-allied infrastructure, specific product commercialisation, and resource development such as manpower, materials and machinery.

The signing ceremony took place at NASENI headquarters, where the executive chairman of Home Resources and Products Limited, Arc. Chris Nwofor led a delegation to meet with the overseeing officer from the office of the executive vice chairman of NASENI in Abuja.

The primary objective of this MoU is to establish a collaborative and global partnership between the two parties to develop components, semi-finished and finished products in the construction and industrial sectors. This collaboration aligns with the industrial revolution agenda of the current administration.

In her address, the overseeing officer from the office of the executive vice chairman of NASENI, Mrs. Nonyem Onyechi emphasised the compatibility between the mandates of Home Resources and Products Limited and NASENI. She expressed the agency’s commitment and willingness to partner with private sector investors for mutual benefits.

Onyechi further highlighted that the areas of interest specified by HRP perfectly complement the mandates of NASENI Institutes, particularly in the field of reverse engineering, which is one of the agency’s areas of expertise. She proposed that HRP should continue its collaboration with the Scientific Equipment Development Institute (SEDI) in Enugu and involve additional NASENI staff in the implementation of the MoU.

In his speech, Nwofor hailed NASENI as a key government agency capable of reducing the reliance on foreign content, especially in the energy infrastructure sector. He acknowledged that NASENI possesses the necessary resources to drive infrastructural development in Nigeria effectively.

Both parties share a common goal of establishing critical relationships for research, skill development, knowledge generation and adoption, and the promotion of entrepreneurship. NASENI’s mandate includes establishing and nurturing a dynamic science and engineering infrastructure base to drive homegrown industrialisation, job creation, and national economic progress, while HRP focuses on facilitating infrastructure delivery and national competitiveness in various sectors by reducing principal investment costs and building capacity.

According to NASENI’s chief information officer of NASENI, Chinyere Obiorah Ekwuazi the Scientific Equipment Development Institute (SEDI) in Enugu, which operates under NASENI’s supervision, has been selected as the contact point for the inception of this collaboration. Other operating agencies of NASENI will be included in the MoU as necessary, based on project requirements.

This partnership between NASENI and HRP marks a significant milestone in advancing infrastructure development and strengthening Nigeria’s position in key sectors. By harnessing their respective expertise and resources, both parties aim to foster innovation, create jobs and drive sustainable growth for the nation.

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